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Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha Teen Awarded Life-Changing Opportunity Thanks to Herzing University

The Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha is excited to announce that Christian Gregory, the 2016 Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year Winner, is continuing on his path toward a great future, thanks to Herzing University.

On January 9th, Christian attended his first class as a Herzing University business management student, focusing on business administration. Thanks to the newly formed partnership between the Club and Herzing University, Christian, a recent Bradford High School graduate, received a full-tuition scholarship.

Christian has dreamt of owning his own music studio ever since he was first drawn to the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha’s arts programs. Christian became a Club member at the age of 11 after attending the Club one day with a friend. He understood from a young age that the Club was a safer, more fun place than the streets. He also learned that he could benefit from being around positive male role models at the Club while being raised in a single parent home.

Some of Christian’s interests at the Club included the Triple Play athletic programs and mentoring he received, but nothing could compare to the draw he felt toward the arts, especially performing arts programming. His favorite addition to the Teen Center was the completion of the Music Recording studio, where Christian learned how to create and edit music and recorded an instrumental track. In June of 2015, Christian’s musical talents were on display as he performed in the opening act on piano at the Tennis Shoe Gala fundraiser. Now as an alumni, you can find Christian volunteering in the recording studio in the Teen Center working with teens interested in creating their own music.

Herzing University recently partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha and will provide two-full ride scholarships per year as part of the University of Excellence-Diplomas 2 Degrees initiative, a secondary post education pathway readiness program. Teens participate throughout the year learning about financial aid, filling out college applications, and going on college tours. In order to be eligible for the Herzing Scholarships, teens must complete the entire program and actively participate at the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha. For more information and details on the Diplomas 2 Degree program please contact Felicia Dalton, Director of Teen Services.

The Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha is a youth guidance organization dedicated to promoting health, social, educational, vocational, cultural, character and leadership development. The club helps youth improve their lives by building skills, values and self-esteem in order to prevent potential gang involvement and alcohol and/or drug abuse.